Trasporti in Russia

Delivery to Russia

We specialise in transport services to Russia.

There has always been a great demand for delivery services from Italy to Russia.

We have been successfully operating in this sector since 1995.

Our company is structured so it can provide comprehensive, highly effective assistance in the field of shipping to Russia and we were one of the first Bologna-based freight forwarding companies to open an office in Moscow providing customs clearance services.

Today we are among the few who still provide DDP deliveries to Russia by land and we are certainly the only company to provide DDP deliveries to Russia by air.

In order to ship goods to Russia and to other non-EU countries, it is of paramount importance to have a deep knowledge of the required customs documents and procedures.

Delivery to Russia: Services provided by Adriatic Air Cargo

  • Our most popular service is the shipping of free goods by air (goods under warranty, samples, etc.) with customs clearance and door-to-door delivery to any town in Russia. It is a safe and punctual service, which regularly moves over 60 tons of goods every year, ensuring short delivery terms and providing a quick solution to emergency situations.
  • Replacements of spare parts under warranty, urgent repairs, samples for certification purposes.
  • All this can be easily and quickly handled  by air, without requiring the consignee to request an import licence and to pay any customs duties.
  • For less urgent cases, we provide DDP delivery to Russia by land, which is a good and cheaper alternative to the DDP service by air.
  • Moreover, we ship small batches of foodstuff and alcoholic beverages to Russia for events, exhibitions, receptions at the consulate, tasting sessions, etc.  The most popular products are usually wine, cheese, cold cuts, olive oil and coffee.

Delivery to Russia: our experience at your disposal

Entrust us with your shipping to Russia needs and our specialists will provide you with comprehensive  support every step of the way, from pick-up to door-to-door delivery.

We will recommend you the best means of transport to suit your needs and guide you through the preparation of documents required for customs clearance in Russia, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, such as goods being detained by customs, delays or any unexpected surcharges.

Ask us for further information on the EAC certification (EurAsia Conformity) of your products, on restricted goods types and the re-importation of goods from Russia.

We are ready to share with you our twenty-year experience on the Russian market and to ensure you a high-quality customer service, as only a consolidated Italian enterprise can provide.

  • Pick-up points located throughout Italy and Europe
  • Completion of export customs operations (EX/T2/CITES)
  • Regular completion of export procedures
  • Customs clearance in Russia: DDP delivery by air and by land
  • Door delivery in Russia – Proof of Delivery available on request
  • Goods insurance
  • Delivery of foodstuffs and alcoholic beverages
  • EAC certification

Import and re-importation of goods from Russia